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Employee Absenteeism—what it means to your bottom line

Summer’s fast approach means summer vacations for employees and their families. Over the course of the year, employees take sick and personal days. That said, summer is especially challenging for an HR manager who is tasked with juggling schedules—and workloads—with a number of people taking off to their favorite vacation destinations.

Out of Office road sign with sun backgroundThe Executive Summary, The Total Financial Impact of Employees Absences in the U.S. details how employee absences can impact a company’s business. Direct and indirect costs quickly add up, and can impact a company’s bottom line. Information included in this summary is a measurement of the costs of employee absence—covering payroll, productivity loss, overtime, and replacement workers.

Other employee absences that may not come immediately to HR managers’ minds are jury duty, maternity/paternity, disability, bereavement, and military service. Managing all of these absences is essential to running a business. Make sure you brush up on the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)  as well as the Parental Disability and Leave Act (PDL) to keep current with compliance issues.

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