In the world of Payroll + HR Solutions…
Free” can cost you a lot.

Don’t be fooled: Contact Terra HR today to learn more about true workforce management solutions provided by
HR + Payroll experts with over 20 years of experience:

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Your workforce management needs are too important to trust to a financial company or flimsy technologies with great marketing.

Do not be fooled by smoke & mirrors marketing campaigns hiding:

  • A lack of expertise in critical HR + Payroll areas
  • Missing ACA functionality that can leave you susceptible to heavy fines
  • Terrible customer support
  • Limited technologies that remove your insurance expert


Trust Terra HR, a human capital management company (Payroll + HR provider) should have:

  • A complete ACA solution for all compliance demands
  • One universal employee record that is utilized across the entire platform
  • An implementation and customer service team with decades of HR + Payroll experience
  • 1:1 customer service
  • System configurability and customization
  • Built-in functionality for profitability

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 payrollTerra HR is the only system featuring every function imaginable for workforce management all utilizing a single, universal personnel record that:

  • Reduces double entry
  • Eliminates system redundancy issues
  • Facilitates ACA compliance
  • Offers complete configurability & customization
  • Provides functionality for profitability
  • Offers a simple pricing model
  • 1:1 customer support (no call centers!)



Here are just some of the comments clients of the “other” guys have made:

“They completely dropped the ball on our plans and made a series of excuses when confronted on the issues. It seems like they have inexperienced kids working the phones. Really disappointed that we can’t through to anyone that can actually help us. I recommend you look for a more traditional provider.”


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