We play nice with others

Together we can eliminate double entry, system redundancy and additional overhead for your clients.  From insurance agents to smaller payroll companies to credit card companies, we are always looking for companies to become ONE with.

Our Partners

Create a seamless experience with a complete HR platform that includes your product or service.

  • Attract new clients.
  • Expand your product & service offerings. 
  • Increase your revenue.
  • Exceed the expectations of current clients.  

Our partnership programs

  • Referral program
    Let’s work together for your prospects looking for a platform.


  • Integration program
    Working together we can create a seamless experience for your clients through a technical integration.


  • Private label program
    Become one of our closest partners with our private label program. Together we can offer integrated technology with a brand your client’s recognize.



  • It is so refreshing to see a partner that matches our level of commitment to customer service.

    — Frances Ruiz, TaxBreak

Ready to become a partner?