terra Essential Suite — the foundation of the hr revolution

All of your HR Processes in a single platform.

Terra Essential Suite

Our Terra Essential Suite brings together the power of Terra Payroll, Terra HRIS and Terra Time. Now you can easily budget your HR. We can easily become your favorite HR company of all time.

How to get started

Step 1. Establish Your Baseline.

Purchase Terra Essential Suite and you receive:


Step 2. Augment your system.

Select the additional services  you may need… and amazingly the price goes down:  

Add 401(k) 1
Add Credit Card Processing 2

1 Please note eligibility is contingent upon having a portfolio greater than $2.5M. If your portfolio does not meet this requirement please contact us for other options.

2 Over $50K a month in processing

For each module you ADD, you can subtract
from your per employee fee.
You have
a flat cost, no hidden transaction fees.
We have
a happy customerfor life.

Step 3

You love Terra HR so much you visit our marketplace and further enhance your system with: 


We provide the most cost efficient solution because:

We are a complete HRIS solution

Terra Essential Suite is an amazing product — but it is only one of our many product offerings. Different revenue streams allow us to pass unique savings opportunities to our clients.

We own the technology

We are a privately held company, that has the ability to think out of the box and implement our ideas.

We understand profitability

We recognize the importance and profitability provided in long-term relationships.

We ARE revolutionizing the HR Industry.

Terra HR is the only Workforce Management Provider to run from a universal personnel record and offer the essential suite at a set per employee/per month with no hidden transaction fees.

No Trickery. No Tomfoolery. No Fine Print.

  • No additional charges for Support . (You never pay for our white glove support)
  • No delayed or hidden fees. (You are never surprised)
  • No ‘lite’ version of the product. (You get the whole enchilada)

Get Started in Record Time.

Terra HR is a Human Capital Management System (HCMS) that utilizes a universal employee record within a solitary platform. The configurable nature of our platform allows you to customize your HCMS system to suite your unique organizational needs. 

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